Our Approach

Zenzi is the world’s first values-based marketing agency.

Zenzi uses data science and psychology to uncover the values of your customers and create content that resounds with their emotional needs.

Our Methodology:
40 years of academic research has proven that values are the driving force behind the vast majority of human behavior. Zenzi goes beyond demographics to illuminate differences between your customers and develop highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Our Technology:
ValueBase™ is a research tool that can detect customer values with over 95% accuracy. Leveraging a proprietary algorithm, it analyzes social media posts, reviews, web copy, blog posts, collateral, surveys, and more.

Our Clients:
Our clients range from startups to brand names in Healthcare, Cannabis, Consumer Goods & Real Estate. From innovating patient experience to attracting loyal brand advocates, we use values to connect on a personal level.

Our Team: Data scientists and behavioral psychologists mine data and determine the impact of values on consumer behavior. Marketing specialists integrate the results into social media, PR and content marketing campaigns.

Our Capabilities

Communications Strategy

  • Combining social listening, sentiment analysis and surveying, we analyze data to find values markers and pinpoint the hidden needs and motivations of your best customers.
  • We map out the impact of values on your customers’ decision making throughout the entire buying process.
  • We reveal how your customers’ values are aligned with your company and industry values. These insights form the basis of future marketing communications strategy.

Content Development

  • Prior to executing on any major communications initiatives, Zenzi believes the first and most critical step is laying a solid foundation through creation of a values-based plan.
  • This is a strategic roadmap to establish ideal customer targets, define company positioning, increase awareness and foster a loyal, long-term fan base.

Campaign Management

  • Following development of the values marketing plan, you may choose to continue working with Zenzi to support specific projects or initiatives moving forward.
  • Values marketing programs are currently underway industries such as health/ wellness, travel/ hospitality, real estate, green business and more.
  • Campaigns are tracked closely over time and continually refined to deliver optimal results and return on investment.