Our Approach

Zenzi is the world’s first values-based marketing agency.

Attracting loyal customers and keeping them happy is harder than ever. Not only is there more competition, people are more conscious of their purchases. They seek out companies who align with their needs and goals in life. Marketing based on demographics is no longer enough.

Values are the driving force behind what people feel, think, believe, desire, consume, experience and share. They are a powerful tool to inform decision making about how to reach your best customers, which messages are the most effective, who they trust, and what triggers them to buy.

Founded in 2002, Zenzi’s team consists of entrepreneurs, marketing and PR strategists, academic researchers, values psychologists and data scientists. We are the creators of ValueBase™, a tool that pinpoints values and beliefs, predicts how those values will influence behavior, and re-targets communications.

Zenzi is a certified woman-owned business headquartered in San Diego with locations in San Francisco and Boston. If you are looking for ways to foster genuine and meaningful dialogue, build credibility and inspire people to share, email us at info @ zenzi.com or call 760-635-9320.

Our Capabilities

Communications Strategy

  • Combining social listening, sentiment analysis and surveying, we analyze data to find values markers and pinpoint the hidden needs and motivations of your best customers.
  • We map out the impact of values on your customers’ decision making throughout the entire buying process.
  • We reveal how your customers’ values are aligned with your company and industry values. These insights form the basis of future marketing communications strategy.

Content Development

  • Prior to executing on any major communications initiatives, Zenzi believes the first and most critical step is laying a solid foundation through creation of a values-based plan.
  • This is a strategic roadmap to establish ideal customer targets, define company positioning, increase awareness and foster a loyal, long-term fan base.

Campaign Management

  • Following development of the values marketing plan, you may choose to continue working with Zenzi to support specific projects or initiatives moving forward.
  • Values marketing programs are currently underway industries such as health/ wellness, travel/ hospitality, real estate, green business and more.
  • Campaigns are tracked closely over time and continually refined to deliver optimal results and return on investment.