ValueBase Insights

What is ValueBase? What type of insights does it contain?

ValueBase is the world’s largest collection of values-based market research and consumer insights. It was created by Zenzi Communications in partnership with psychologists and data scientists at San Francisco State University and the University of Southern California.

ValueBase is a research tool and marketing strategist rolled into one. It allows us to measure and pinpoint your customer’s core values, better understand how those values will motivate behavior, and create a communications strategy that speaks to values in a powerful and impactful way.

ValueBase contains a wealth of actionable data points, including:

  • How to reach your best, most active customers
  • What marketing messages are most effective
  • Whose opinion they trust most
  • What trigger points get them to buy
  • Their online and social media behavior
  • What types of content they prefer
  • What will encourage them to refer others

ValueBase offers more than just a buyer persona, we do the legwork and offer you a custom and effective communications strategy that you can easily apply to your company.


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