Values & Content Marketing

How can values improve content marketing?

In today’s noisy and competitive world, it’s no longer about capturing your customers’ attention; it’s about keeping it. By uncovering their inner needs and desires, and learning how to tell your brand’s story through their eyes instead of yours, you’ll increase awareness, engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

Think about the brands that you love. Why do you love them? Most likely they’ve tapped into something that goes beyond a great product or service and forged a deeper relationship with you.

Some of the most successful companies today such as Apple, Zappos and Virgin Airlines serve the psychological needs of customers and provide them with a coherent reason that the products they buy fit into the lifestyles they choose and the narratives of their daily experience.

A values-based content marketing program conveys the attitude and benefits of your brand without it being all about you. No one will like or engage with your company simply to receive marketing messages. They want to feel like a friend and an integral part of the community.

Where do you find these stories? Social media, blogs, review sites, discussion forums, online marketplaces, blog comments, survey responses can all be sources for powerful stories. From leveraging existing positive reviews to interviewing happy customers and employees, bring personal stories to the center of your communications strategy. What makes your company special and unique? What’s behind your products or services, technology and philosophy?

Crafting your message based on this knowledge allows you to reach people at a deeper psychological level, creating greater loyalty and prompting them to share your story with others.


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