Kristen Panebianco

Kristen Panebianco
Sr. Project Manager


Best Known For: Being a firm believer in the devil’s in the details.

Professional Highlights: I was a software product manager for mobile and online products for years. It was a job I absolutely loved because it was a perfect role between marketing and engineering. After that, I focused on helping healthcare, CPG and non-profit clients build and execute their marketing strategies. I’ve been really blessed to always have jobs that I love, working with people and on projects that inspire me.

Favorite Hangouts: Online & Real World
Online: eMarketer.com and FoodNetwork.com
Real World: Spending time, making memories with my family.

Biggest Joy: Finding balance between family, community and career.

Secrets to My Success: I firmly believe you have to love what you do. My job is to make my clients successful.

Big, Crazy Dream: Build another house.

If I Could, I Would Tour With: Hmmm, that is probably not the life for me ;^)

Favorite Albums: “Room for Squares” – John Mayer
“Back to Black” – Amy Winehouse
“The Science of Things” – Bush

Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in.

People Who Rock: Change makers…Those individuals that see our community, country or world for what it could be and work to make it better.