Ravi Iyer

Ravi Iyer
Data Scientist


Best Known For:
Karaoke rap, crowdsourcing, and moral psychology.

Professional Highlights:
Author of 20+ peer reviewed articles on the psychology of values. Chief data scientist and co-founder of Ranker. Also co-founder of YourMorals, BeyondThePurchase, and VoteHelp.

Favorite Hangouts: Online & Real World
Online: FiveThirtyEight or my blog.
Real World: Venice Beach or my backyard.

Biggest Joy:
Drinking a hoppy beer in the backyard while watching my family play in the kiddie pool.

Secrets to My Success:
Balancing the empathizing and systemizing parts of my brain.

Big, Crazy Dream:
To leverage values and data to help people live more fulfilling lives.

If I Could, I Would Tour With:
Bill Clinton

Favorite Album:
The Bebop Singers

Guilty Pleasure:
Smokey Whiskey.

Women Who Rock:
Mother Theresa whose humility and service is something that I would like to remember as an example…but often forget in the bright lights of the big city.