Valerie Rogatsky

Valerie Rogatsky
Account Coordinator


Best Known For: Being restaurant obsessed. I’m always looking to try a new place or hit up one of my favorites. Also, my love for coffee, dachshunds, sunsets and San Diego.

Professional Highlights:

  • Writing about restaurants for Modern Luxury/Riviera Magazine
  • Working for the epic Stone Brewing Company
  • Securing my first placement in the Los Angeles Times after two months at Zenzi

Favorite Hangouts: Online & Real World
Online: Instagram, Thrillist, Eater, SDUT, and I wake up with theSkimm
Real World: Any beach, water skiing or wakeboarding behind a boat, or on a mountain snowboarding

Biggest Joy: Cracking up laughing with family and friends. The sound of laughter in general.

Secrets to My Success: Having a strong work ethic since day one. Being a go-getter and having a burning desire to be successful and never disappoint. Also, having incredible parents.

Big, Crazy Dream: Live up to my high school senior class character – “Most Likely To Be On SNL,” and become a rich comedian. Who doesn’t want to laugh for a living and be able to help anyone you want? (I love The Ellen Show)

If I Could, I Would Tour With: T-Swift or Rihanna.

Guilty Pleasure: A chardonnay or local craft beer and charcuterie board at Solace in Encinitas.

People Who Rock: Inspirational friends, my family and our 13-year-old dachshund. Long live, Sonny!


Valerie’s Latest Photos

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