Stay Toasty By An Outdoor Wood-Burning Oven


What sounds better than sitting outside around a fire with friends and family, while enjoying unique dishes coming straight from an outdoor oven? This casual atmosphere is what is creating an outdoor wood-burning oven trend in restaurants and homes that I can really get behind. Restaurants, and businesses everywhere, are constantly searching for new and exciting changes they can make to keep them current and the “hot” place to go. This emerging trend is not just delicious, but a great way to draw additional crowds.

I know the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of wood-burning ovens is pizza, but these ovens are being used for much much more. For instance, one of our long time clients, Copley’s restaurant in Palm Springs, is planning a myriad of menu items to showcase Chef Copley’s talent with the new wood-burning oven. These dishes include pancakes for brunch, scallops, salmon, crab cakes, breads, etc. Virtually everything you would make in an indoor oven you can do so in the beautiful outdoors.

Scallops by Chef Copley

I haven’t seen this trend hit many San Diego restaurants, but I’m excited for it to spread, especially when we live in sunny California!

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