If You Can't Laugh at Yourself... Zenzi's CEO Talks to Momentology


Zenzi CEO Sarah Hardwick was recently quoted in digital marketing magazine Momentology on the art of branded self-deprecation.

According to Momentology, “the Arby’s spot clearly struck a cultural chord and showcases the potential for self-deprecation in marketing in which brands are forthcoming about flaws and/or negative feedback either to humorous effect to generate buzz or to embrace new eras of transparency.”

What’s Zenzi’s take on self-deprecation as a marketing tool? Here’s an excerpt from an article featuring our founder & CEO:

“Sarah Hardwick, CEO of Zenzi, a values-based marketing agency, agrees buying trends have shifted over the last several years and consumers no longer want to be marketed to – and probably never did.

“People are demanding greater transparency and seeking out brands that share their core values and beliefs,” Hardwick said. “For marketers, knowing your target demographic is no longer enough – you’ve got to know their hearts and minds. And for many brands, an effective way to make an authentic connection is through humor, even more so when they are poking fun at themselves.”

Indeed, brands must be careful they know their audiences before proceeding with a tool like self-deprecation.

“If it’s just not funny or crosses the line between funny and offensive, it can backfire,” Hardwick said. “But if you know what they value and what’s important to them, you are more likely to hit the mark.”

Further, Hardwick notes laughter releases endorphins, relaxes consumers, and makes them feel a part of a community, while also significantly increasing the likelihood content will be shared socially."

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