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Airbnb Asks: "Is Mankind?'

Tech and travel start-up Airbnb is the latest major brand to embrace values-based marketing. ‘Is Mankind?’ asks its new campaign, aimed at a higher purpose of promoting kindness and acceptance.

Angela Bassett narrates a poignant video as a baby takes first steps to peer out a window to “find out how kind the ‘he’s’ and ‘she’s’ of this mankind are.”

The ads are being launched across traditional and digital media, alongside high profile support of Caitlyn Jenner’s recent receipt of the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly award for bravery.

Advertising agency exec Jonathan Mildenhall said it was essential to him that Airbnb founder Brian Chesky be willing to embrace values-based marketing. He describes the enthusiasm in being presented “…with the opportunity to launch ‘Is Mankind?’ right after Caitlyn had done her acceptance speech, so we ran towards it. We want it to genuinely feel as though the 7 billion people in this world can belong anywhere."

We love this campaign and Airbnb’s gusto in sharing their values with the world. We’ll be watching to see how the execution of the campaign unfolds.

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