100 Cities For Change Challenge


The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC) announced its 100 Cities for Change campaign on Earth Day 2012 – April 22nd, and the national movement has been featured in the San Diego Daily Transcript’s article, “Green Chamber of Commerce looks to expand” by James Palen.

In the past several years we’ve worked with the USGCC, we’ve seen it grow from the San Diego Green Chamber of Commerce to a national green and sustainable powerhouse. This is the largest initiative the USGCC has challenged the nation with to date. By pushing company education, advocacy and visibility, the USGCC aims to enroll 1,000 members from 100 cities totaling 100,000 new members across the country.

“100 Cities for Change is not just about saying you or your business is ‘green.’ We know that word has started to lose meaning for people over time. We are looking for a complete paradigm shift,” said David Steel, chief executive officer for the USGCC. “This is about provoking and inspiring people to utilize sustainable business practices and revitalize the goal of a triple bottom line – people, planet and profit.”

As part of this initiative, the USGCC has made it easy and affordable for companies to show their green efforts by lowering its membership to $99. Membership includes best green practices, access to certification programs and many opportunities to foster relationships with consumers. See what you will receive with a USGCC membership and how it will benefit your company.

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