Google+ Musings


It seems this holiday weekend was not just about your typical fireworks, BBQ and beer. This year, Google+ took center stage in many conversations around grills, campfires and swimming holes. If you were one of the “lucky” beta invitees out there, chances are good you have spent some time over the last few days building your circles, trying to figure out how to connect your Instagram feed, and cheerfully observing the hoopla around Google’s quest to take out Facebook.

The initial pains of building another network, from scratch, AND having to engage were definitely enough to keep me at bay- at least for a few hours. I finally gave in and started the initial set up, which took about 15 minutes. As the weekend went by, I couldn’t help but check in on my growing circles, attempt to invite more of my friends (which I haven’t been successful with since that first hour) and after many tries, got my Instagram feed to publish. What’s the most interesting thing about Google + for me? Simply all the buzz around this shiny, new toy. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

The world is definitely buzzing with Google+. Chris Brogan’s recent article provides an in depth look at how powerful, or weak this new toy really is, or has the potential to be. What are your musings so far? We’d love to hear from you!

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