Zenzi Communications Forms World’s First Values Marketing Agency


Award-winning firm connects with customers on a deeper level by uncovering core values and purchase motivations

After three years of intensive development with data scientists and psychologists, Zenzi announces the launch of its proprietary values marketing method to help brands fuel growth, loyalty, and engagement through stronger connections with consumers.

Backed by over 40 years of proven academic research, Zenzi’s approach uses sentiment analysis, social listening, and surveys to help brands uncover the inner motivations of their best customers. The resulting insights become a strategic roadmap leading to more effective campaigns. Since launching the new marketing method, the agency has experienced 40% growth in client revenues.

“Buying trends have shifted dramatically. People are demanding greater transparency and seeking out brands that share their core values and beliefs,” says Zenzi Founder & CEO Sarah Hardwick. “Knowing your target demographic is no longer enough; you’ve got to know their hearts and minds. Zenzi brings a unique skill set for companies that want to engage with customers on a deeper level.”

In addition to seasoned marketers, Zenzi’s team consists of leading psychologists Dr. Ravi Iyer from University of Southern California and Graham Hill from San Francisco State University. Iyer and Hill surveyed over 250,000 people to identify the values-based insights that serve as the foundation for Zenzi’s approach.

According to Iyer, “Values are a powerful way to look at individuals because they remain relatively stable and manifest themselves throughout different aspects of our lives. In contrast, much of the data that marketers typically use is based on temporary, situational needs rather than lasting motivations. Research shows that values speak to the heart of our identity: where we work, what we buy, what we share, whom we associate with, what we watch, and where we live. Values inform nearly every aspect of a person’s behavior, whether consciously or not.”

The center of Zenzi’s process is ValueBase™, a research tool that links people’s inner needs and desires with their communications and buying preferences. Zenzi leverages this diverse set of data to gather values insights based on a variety of sources, including: social media behavior, past purchases, location, online reviews, surveys, and/or a combination of these methods.

Following the completion of the values research study, Zenzi’s long-standing team of professional marketers help clients to develop and execute values-based marketing plans, including public relations, social media, content marketing, consumer engagement programs, and more.

For more information on how values marketing can help brands forge deeper connections with customers, download Zenzi’s free Z-Book at http://go.zenzi.com/free-ebook-on-social-values.

About Zenzi

Founded in 2002, Zenzi’s mission is to turn customers into passionate advocates through values-based marketing. We take persona and demographic segmentation a critical step further by uncovering customers’ inner needs and desires. The resulting insights become a strategic roadmap to help companies attract ideal prospects, nurture relationships, and motivate buying behavior. Zenzi is a certified woman-owned business headquartered in San Diego. Client experience includes Nestle, Chiquita, Shea Homes, DIRECTV, MapQuest, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, and more. To get in touch with Zenzi, visit www.zenzi.com, call 760-635-9320 or email info@zenzi.com.

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