Improving The Patient Experience Through Values-based Segmentation


What is the most neglected aspect of patient care? Often, health care providers don’t look deeply enough into the psychographics of their patients. Sarah Hardwick, CEO of Zenzi, will be speaking on this topic at the Healthcare Communicators of Oregon’s Fall Conference on November 13, 2015. She will also be previewing new research on the role of patient values in healthcare.

Today, patients are responsible for more of their own out of pocket expenses. Many are doing their own research before seeking care, and options for wellness continue to grow. As a result, hospitals and healthcare providers are beginning to recognize that patients have more alternatives than ever. Some have referred to it as the ‘consumerization’ of healthcare. But while many providers collect a wealth of data about demographics and patient experiences, many are missing a critical research component that can be even more telling: their patients’ values.

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Backed by proven science and decades of psychological research, our inner values are one constant that speak to the heart of our identity. Our values and psychographic needs determine everything from where we live, to what we buy, to the decisions we make as consumers and patients.

When it comes to healthcare, patient values can determine:

  • Where individuals go to find a provider
  • How they choose one
  • What communications style they prefer
  • What messages resound best with them
  • How they perceive specific providers and options
  • What types of treatment they are most likely to pursue
  • How they can be effectively encouraged to follow through with treatment and improve success rates
  • Whether or not they will recommend or stay with a provider

Sarah Hardwick, CEO of Zenzi, will discuss how segmenting communications based on the inner values of patients can help to:

  • Improve the overall patient experience
  • Connect with patients on a more personal level
  • Create campaigns that inspire awareness and loyalty
  • Encourage patients to follow through with doctor recommendations

She will also provide a first-time glimpse into a new research report, scheduled to be publicly released later this month, about the psychographics of healthcare consumers.

To find out more about this session or receive a copy of the research on consumer values in healthcare, when it becomes available, please email info@zenzi.com

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