Now Hiring: Social Media Coordinator


Ready to take a leap? Zenzi is hiring a Social Media Account Coordinator to join our team.

Zenzi is the world’s first values marketing agency. Our mission is to use data science and psychology to create more powerful marketing campaigns. The people who thrive here are joyful, fun, flexible, smart, empathetic, creative and caring. We love entrepreneurs, free spirits and envelope pushers. We also love people who keep promises, keep deadlines and go the extra mile.

Passive people need not apply. We’re fueled by intellectual curiosity and a constant desire to do things better, smarter and more effectively. We’re hard workers because for us it’s not really work. This stuff is fun.

We also recognize that you have a complex and exciting life. We understand and appreciate that you have friends, lovers, kids, hobbies and a deep, abiding respect for a good night’s sleep. We respect these things and offer unmatched flexibility to our employees. We have great benefits, too. Because sometimes people get sick, and we all need to save for retirement.

We wish we could hire all of you, but here is what we’re looking for right now:


Job Responsibilities:

Community Management

You are a people person. You believe it’s not about pushing out marketing messages, it’s about making meaningful, authentic connections. Not only do you have an uncanny knack for starting conversations, you are a great listener. You know that relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. Before long, people always wind up telling you their life stories.

You’re a highly detailed, deadline-driven task master. You’re always thinking one step ahead and proactive in identifying what’s next. Not much can take you by surprise. You pride yourself on having a system of organization that goes beyond business and extends to your personal life too. You’re likely one of those people who color codes everything from office supplies to the clothes in your closet.

When difficult issues arise, you are able to diplomatically solve problems and move challenging situations offline. You’re the face of the brand, and you take that responsibility very seriously. You know everything you do represents your client, good or bad, and you measure your success by how many fans you turn into customers and advocates.

Content Creation

When it comes to social media, you think posting memes and inspirational quotes will only get you so far. It’s about asking, educating, entertaining, and connecting on a deeper level.

You are a top-notch creative writer. You can write in multiple styles, formats and for multiple channels. From full-length blogs to witty one-liners, you’ve got an exceptional command of the English language. You’re up to speed on the latest pop culture and you have a sense of humor. You can express yourself clearly in a consistent voice, conveying passion and excitement through your writing.

You also have an eye for design, and you can think graphically. Give you a headline, and you can come up with an image that pops. You know great video when you see it, and you aren’t afraid to grab your iPhone and shoot some yourself in a pinch.


Great content is only valuable if people engage with it, and that means finding influencers and advertising opportunities to expand your reach. You may have a few key relationships already forged with bloggers or other influencers, and if you don’t, you’re not afraid to approach them with a promotional idea.

Organic content alone isn’t enough to move the needle these days, and social advertising is your tool of choice to grow your social fan base and attract ideal customers. You can run an ad program from start to finish, from copywriting to targeting audiences based on interests and demographics.

You’re not just a right brain creative, you also have a knack for analytics. You think it’s fun to A/B test and continually optimize your social and content performance. You can dive into Google analytics or Facebook Business Manager to identify trends, measure success and make recommendations on how to improve results. If you know how to properly track website conversions and ROI for your clients, then that’s also a huge bonus.

Tactical Skills

There is a reason these are last. We feel that all skills can be learned, and that we never stop learning new things. That being said, successful candidates will have experience with most of these. Missing a few? That’s OK. We’ll work with you.

• 2-3 years experience in social media and community management
• Creative writing skills including development of social editorial across all major platforms
• Basic Photoshop and graphic design skills
• Social community management: actively monitoring and responding to social communities and nurturing relationships
• Social influencer campaigns: researching, negotiating and executing with influencers/bloggers
• Social fan acquisition and engagement (organic and paid)
• Demonstrated ability to grow social engagement
• Basic social advertising (writing ads, creating campaigns, boosting posts)
• Expertise/active participation in all major social platforms
• Content production for blogs, web and social channels
• Public relations/media relations
• Campaign management; Real Estate experience is a huge +

Are you the new Zenzian of our dreams? We can’t wait to talk to you. Start by emailing sarah@zenzi.com and telling her what you love most about your life.

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