Psst! 3 Secrets Of Customer Engagement


What can major brands learn from moms & pops? A lot, says this industry expert.

As someone who has over 20 years of experience working for brands like Taco Bell, Coors Brewing Company, PepsiCo and Chiquita, our President & COO Julie Lyons has knows more than a thing or two about marketing. So you might find it surprising where she gets her biggest inspiration for customer engagement.

“Trust in traditional brands is at an all-time low, and customers are demanding greater transparency and authenticity,” wrote Lyons in her article in AMA this week. “We care about where our food is sourced. We stop buying from beloved brands because of poor labor practices. We try a new company because it gives back to charity. Corporate CEOs have become celebrities… Brand values are more important than ever.”

Check out Julie’s top 3 secrets major brands and marketers can learn from startups in her article in AMA this week for ideas to tap in to their passion, belief in a better/faster or more ethical way.

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