What’s your brand personality?


Just like people, brands have personalities. No two brands are exactly the same, and each brand’s unique personality is reflected in everything from their packaging to their advertising, to their blog posts and social media content. Psychologist Jennifer Aaker identified 5 dimensions of brand personality that can be used to classify the personalities of most brands. Here are the 5 dimensions, with brand examples:

Here at Zenzi, we were interested in seeing how our 6 values drivers related to these dimensions of brand personality. We surveyed 253 people and came up with some clear and interesting results. For example, here is the affinity that each values driver showed for Sincere brand personalities:

Clearly, it is Security, Tradition, and Purpose Seekers (what Zenzi refers to as the “collectivistic” values drivers) that resonate with brands that reflect sincerity, honesty, and good cheer! Here are the brand personalities that resonated the most and the least with each values driver:

These insights are important to marketers because research has shown that people gravitate toward (and purchase from!) brands that reflect who they are as a person and help them express their identity. Knowing your customers values drivers can help you tailor your content and marketing strategies to those aspects of your brand that reflect and resonate with the personality of your target audience.

So what’s your brand personality? To find out, take Zenzi’s Values Survey to determine your values drivers, then see which brand personalities match your values.

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