Which Super Bowl Ads Won Out at The Big Game?


Super Bowl Sunday was again this year the most-watched television broadcast, drawing over 111 million people last Sunday. With ads costing $3.5 million per 30-seconds, many major brands pulled out all the stops—from celebrities, to animation and special effects, and even emotional spots to draw on our heartstrings.

Tim Carman of The Washington Post highlighted his picks of the best and worst of the commercials, as he explained:

“The best Super Bowl XLVI commercials, by and large, hawked neither food nor drink, but false dictators, Audi headlights, smart phones , Chevys as stunt cars and Volkswagens with a nose for pop culture.”

Almost two dozen faculty members from Michigan State University’s Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing voted Skechers’ ad with French bulldog, Mr. Quiggly moonwalking across the finish line, top commercial of Super Bowl XLVI from 55 commercials (according to The Detroit Free Press). Judging was based on creativity, production and overall quality. They rated M&M’s “naked candy” number two and Pepsi’s Elton John commercial as the “kingdom ruler” number three.

Did you bend it like Beckham with his new line of H&M underwear? Was it Audi’s vampire party, Coca-Cola’s polar bears, John Stamos in Oiko’s Greek Yogurt that made you take notice?

Which Super Bowl ad did you like best?

You can watch them and weigh in on your faves on USA TODAY/Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter

The site lets you share your results through Facebook. Winners will be announced tonight.

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