Health Care Leaders Tap Into Values To Improve Patient Experience

With patients responsible for more of their own out of pocket expenses, healthcare costs on the rise, and options for wellness continuing to grow, patients are doing more research than ever. Hospitals and healthcare providers are beginning to acknowledge the ‘consumerization’ of healthcare. And leaders in this space, from Kaiser to Express Scripts and Novartis, are looking to connect with patients where it matters the most—their hearts. Few decisions are based more on emotion than ensuring the well-being of one’s self or family.

Backed by proven science and decades of psychological research, our inner values are one constant that speak to the heart of our identity. They determine everything from where we live, to what we buy, to the decisions we make as consumers and patients. When it comes to healthcare, patient values can determine:

• Where individuals go to find a provider
• How they choose one
• What messages resound best with them
• What types of treatment they are most likely to pursue
• How they can be effectively encouraged to follow through with treatment

Download this SlideShare for more on how to speak to patients’ inner needs.

How are Novartis, GE Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente tapping into values to connect with patients? Check out this recent article from our CEO in Ragan’s Health Care Communication News.

Inspire patients to follow through with care & improve outcomes. Find out how to speak to their inner needs with Values Marketing.

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