How to Attract Ideal Clients Based on Core Values


Picture your best customers. How much would your business grow if you could attract more customers like those? What if you could double that number?

When forming long-term relationships with brands, people are far more likely to be motivated by messaging that respects the deeper principles they stand for. That means your most loyal, passionate customers will be the ones who share your values.

Most people have heard of the 80-20 rule (also called Pareto’s Principle), which states that, for many events, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In business, it often holds true that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.

If you are looking for ways to get a greater return on your sales and marketing efforts, employing the 80-20 rule using values as a lens is a good place to start. Customers who are more aligned with your values are more likely to become loyal ambassadors, willing to buy, refer and spread the word to friends and family.

Here are 3 ways to attract ideal customers and put the 80-20 rule to work for your business:

1) Define your core company values.

According to a recent study from Edelman, 92 percent of people want to do business with companies that share their beliefs. The first step in reaching those potential customers is having is having a clear understanding of your company’s core values. Core values are defined as goals or guiding principles of an organization.

Examples of core values include innovation (Apple), sustainability (Tom’s Shoes), or WOW service (Zappos). Whether you embody Enthusiasm, Professionalism, Strength, Imagination, Honesty, Helpfulness or Fearlessness, values tell the world what you stand for.

Once you’ve defined your values, bring them to life throughout your company. Integrate those values into your website, business cards, and sales materials. Ensure your employees know them and can communicate them clearly to customers. In a cluttered marketplace, highlighting your values can help you stand out and showcase your unique differentiator.

At Zenzi, we printed canvas posters showing our values and hung them in our lobby. When we meet clients for the first time, it immediately gives them a better understanding of how we can help them to achieve their mission. Zenzi’s values are Blaze a New Trail, Shine Brighter, Go Deep, Live with Purpose, and Play to Win.

2) Create an ideal customer profile.

Creating a meaningful, authentic connection requires having the values of your company match the values of your customers. If they aren’t aligned, nothing will ring true. To truly motivate customers at the level of their core values, companies need to dive deeper and speak in a way that resonates emotionally.

One best practice is to showcase customers that share your core values as testimonials and stories. Bring those powerful stories into the heart of your business. By doing this, you demonstrate that you understand their unique challenges, nurturing leads through the sales journey and helping to convert.

Create an ideal customer profile, or a general character sketch of your audience. This will help you when making decisions about how to engage them. You should seek answers to specific questions such as:

  • Where do they live?
  • What experiences do they prefer?
  • Where and when do they do their purchase research?
  • Who do they consult for purchase advice?
  • How influenced are they by other people?
  • What social media sites do they use for research?
  • What do they aspire to in life?
  • What factors are most important in their decision to buy from you?

Leveraging your customers opens up a dialog, when done right, that says ‘we care about you. It also offers opportunities for your organization to more closely partner with some of your best customers for even greater success.

3) Inspire customers to become brand ambassadors.

The key to attracting your ideal customers is first in understanding what will resonate with them, and then inspiring them to share your message. It’s about giving the people what they want.

Great communications convey the attitude and benefits of your brand without it being all about you. No one will like or engage with your company simply to receive marketing messages. They want to feel like a friend and an integral part of the community.

By crafting messages that speak to the ideal profile you have identified as your target audience, companies can reach people at a deeper psychological level, prompting them to share your story with others and become ambassadors for your brand.

This amplifies your message because you reach not only the individuals, but also their entire network of friends and family as well. Zenzi’s research shows that marketing campaigns based into values typically result in a 6% increase in social media sharing over a traditional marketing campaign.

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