Arianne Brandt

Account Director

Best Known For:

My color-coded calendar and to-do lists

Professional Highlights:

  • Served as a representative for the Department of Defense while coordinating onsite interviews with local, national and international media including CNN’s Barbara Starr, Japan-based NHK, NBC, CBS and more.
  • Have continuously secured regional and industry coverage for my clients across all verticles – “consistency in PR is key!”
  • Received San Diego State University’s “Outstanding Graduate in Public Relations” Award

Favorite Hangouts:

Online & Real World
Online: Facebook
Real World Hangout: On a mountain snowboarding, a softball field or the beach

Biggest Joy:

Dancing! It is by far the purest expression of my excitement and passion for life.

Secrets to My Success:

My secret is believing in myself. There truly isn’t anything I don’t think I can achieve once I commit to it — not because “I’m that naturally gifted,” but because my perseverance, drive and dedication won’t let me give up until I reach a goal.

Big, Crazy Dream:

I want to find a way to change another person’s life forever … and then do that again, and again, and again until everyone in the world is cared for.

If I Could, I Would Tour With:

I would LOVE to go on tour with Beyonce! Not only does she kill it on the dance floor (while actually singing at the same time), but I “not-so-secretly” want to be one of her backup dancers!

Favorite Album:

Amos Lee’s Debut Album or Beyonce’s 4 Album (just depends on my mood)

Guilty Pleasure:

I don’t feel guilty about any of my pleasures! 😉

People Who Rock:

My grandma! She was a powerful women who exude strength & confidence, while still maintaining her feminine air.