Graham Hill

Research Director

Best Known For:

My easy-going charm 🙂

Professional Highlights:

3 publications in prominent psychology journals; Co-creator of Zenzi’s Social Values Scale

Favorite Hangouts:

Online & Real World
Online:, Nate Silver’s five thirty eight blog
Real World: Live music venues, Anywhere in Hawaii

Biggest Joy:

Playing, writing, and listening to music

Secrets to My Success:

The support of my wife; Remaining calm and patient in times of stress; Not taking life too seriously 🙂

Big, Crazy Dream:

Creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and reach their highest potential

If I Could, I Would Tour With:

Stevie Wonder

Favorite Album:

Sting – Mercury Falling

Guilty Pleasure:

In ’N Out Double Double with fries and a shake!

People Who Rock:

All the teachers who have educated and inspired me along my journey.