Julie Lyons

President and COO

Best Known For:
Three things:

  1. My relentless editing skills. The “track changes” function is my very best friend.
  2. Insane research abilities. Give me 30 seconds and a web connection, and I’ll find anything you need to know.
  3. A ridiculously large shoe collection. I am a Zappo’s VIP member for life.

Professional Highlights:
Taking the helm at Zenzi, and realizing that a combination of inspiration, hard work and heart will get me everything I ever wanted. Realizing that “everything I ever wanted” wasn’t a big salary or a fancy title, but helping others to reach their potential.

Favorite Hangouts: Online & Real World
Online: CNN, Pinterest, Epicurious, Zappos
Real World: Hanging in the yard with my family, watching the little people run wild.

Biggest Joy:
Being a mom, no question. It’s the biggest honor of my life.

Secrets to My Success:
A complete lack of complacency. Is it a good idea? Make it better. Reached a goal? Make a bigger one. Once I stopped looking for a finish line, the journey became much more fun.

Big, Crazy Dream:
Re-learning how to sail, and taking off for parts unknown.

If I Could, I Would Tour With:
Foo Fighters. If you need another reason other than their music, check this out:

Favorite Album:
U2 Joshua Tree. All time best.

Guilty Pleasure:
Cheez-its and wine for dinner.

People Who Rock:
Julia Child is my role model and personal hero. She was a true adventurer, busting through barriers and making it look easy. She approached everything with incredible joie de vivre and humor, and was the coolest in every way. Plus, her Beef Bourguignon recipe rocks everyone’s socks off.