What do our values have to do with marketing? In a word: everything.

Our values are the core of our identities, and shape the guiding principles that drive all human thought, emotion and behavior. Formed at an early age, values rarely change over time, making them highly predictive of future decision-making.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, customers seek out companies who align with their own values.


When we understand the inner motivations and values of our customers, we gain a deeper understanding of what inspires their purchase decisions. Values don’t just tell us who is making the decision, but why they are making it.


Marketing campaigns that drive emotional engagement deliver 4x the uplift in purchase intent over those that don’t.


As brand loyalty decreases and consumer expectations increase, companies that understand the core values of their customers are likely to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Drawing from extensive analysis of social media data combined with 40 years of proven psychology research, we have identified six primary Values Types.

These six values types form the basis of Zenzi’s methodology. Our Marketing database- ValueBase™- provides invaluable insights, including:

  • Social media behavior
  • Spheres of influence: word of mouth, reviews, media, influencers
  • Path to purchase
  • Keyword and image preferences
  • Voice, tone and personality
  • Retail behavior and purchase preferences
  • Political and social viewpoints
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Storytelling preferences
  • Technology preferences