As founders of the Values Marketing movement, Zenzi uses data science and psychology to uncover the values of your customers. These insights provide a roadmap for more effective marketing campaigns.

Our approach draws upon decades of research done by Dr. Shalom Schwartz, the creator of the theory of Basic Human Values. Dr. Schwartz proved that values are one of the most powerful drivers of consumer behavior.

At Zenzi, we’ve built on his research, surveying over 250,000 people to develop our methodology and proprietary text analysis tool. Zenzi leverages our diverse data to make values-based predictions from a variety of sources, including direct surveys, social media behavior, past-purchases, location data, online reviews, or ideally, through a combination of these methods


We’ve compiled the world’s largest database of values-based insights, which aggregates how different value types make purchase decisions.

  • We use a proprietary text recognition tool created by Zenzi and leading researchers and data scientists at the University of Southern California.
  • Based on 40 years of proven psychological studies, our algorithm extracts values from text and websites with over 95% accuracy.
  • We monitor the values of 150+ companies across diverse industries, identifying how they change over time in relation to customer values.

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Measure current values of customers, company and industry through data analysis, sentiment scoring and surveying.

Determine the psychological motivations that influence their decision-making.

Develop values-based audience profiles and segmentation strategies.

Determine the key messages, stories and images most likely to resound with each audience.

Test results and optimize across different marketing channels and touch points.

Measure success through increased satisfaction, engagement, awareness, leads.