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What is values marketing?

It’s not just the products you sell that influence buying behavior—it’s what your company stands for. For marketers, this means that emotional connection and personalization are critical to building loyalty and awareness.

Now more than ever, understanding and identifying the core motivations that drive loyalty and consumer purchasing behavior is key. Values marketing research is a tool that helps us identify and understand what causes people in today’s day and age to make the decisions they make when it comes to picking a brand they stand behind.

What We Do

Values Research

Research shows that people want to purchase from brands that fill a profound psychological need in their lives. But how do you create that connection?

Zenzi tailors research to each brand by creating customized surveys, using existing data and ValueBase® to create questions targeting specific demographics. We also use social listening to understand how your brand is faring versus the competition. After analyzing the data, we create custom presentations that offer key insights on improving customer satisfaction. AcrobatAnt, our sister agency, creates content to execute our marketing recommendations.


Get to the Heart of What Motivates People

Values are the guiding principles that drive human thought, emotion and behavior.  Zenzi uses data science and psychology to uncover the values of your customers & create more powerful, authentic marketing campaigns.

Social Listening

An analysis of your and/or your competitor’s social channels to determine trends, sentiment, and other key insights.

Marketing strategy

Developing an actionable roadmap to support your business’ goals; from research to brand activation in market and results reporting.

Brand Identity

Brand is a cohesive customer experience. We bring your brand to life visually through graphics, iconography, fonts, and colors within all potential customer touchpoints.

Brand Reputation

Utilizing various research methodologies to assess and manage your brand’s perception in market. Inclusive of review and social media management, social listening and primary research of current and potential customers.

Content Creation

Every piece of content developed and deployed either elevates your brand or undermines it. With values at our core, we ensure message and visual alignment to ensure content is compelling and impactful while also supportive of SEO and other website and social goals.

Our best work

Featured Clients

Zenzi is privileged to partner with some of the world’s leading brands, motivating and inspiring customers on a deeper level. Our values-based campaigns make a big impact on ROI, averaging a 40% lift in engagement. 

Crystal Geyser Water

Outshine Fruit Bars

Ultra Oil for Pets

Native Roots

New Leaf Biofuel

Tejava Tea

Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

1977 Sparkling

Juice Squeeze

Aptera Motors

The story behind Zenzi

Zenzi is the pioneer behind research that taps into psychology, AI, and data science to understand the values behind your brand and why you do what you do.

Why Values Marketing?

Now more than ever, it’s not just your products and pricing that matter- it’s what you stand for. Research shows people want to buy from companies that align with our values and fill a deeper need in our lives. For marketers, this means that tapping into the emotional desires of customers is critical to building loyalty, advocacy and awareness.


Combining 40 years of proven scientific research in the field of Positive Psychology with extensive data analytics, Zenzi has identified six driving values that form the basis of our methodology. Want to learn more about the science behind Values Marketing? Read up here


The foundation of our approach is ValueBase®, a sentiment analysis tool developed by Zenzi that extracts psychological markers from online data with 95% accuracy. It can be used to identify trends, examine behavior over time and create more effective marketing messages.  

Learn more about Values Marketing and receive a free consultation from Zenzi.

Get to know us

Our Team

Founded in 2002, Zenzi is the pioneer of the Values Marketing movement. Our award-winning team of trailblazers consists of behavioral scientists, academic researchers and marketers.


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Nikki Santillana

VP, Zenzi Integration
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Research Director

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Research Analyst

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Values Advisor

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