3 ingredients for successful psychographic targeting

3 ingredients for successful psychographic targeting

Feel like your marketing efforts are lacking something, but not sure what? Tapping into psychographics can be the the missing link to turn a mediocre marketing campaign into something memorable. You don’t need to be a psychologist or a data scientist to tap into the innate values and psychographics of your customers. Just follow these three simple steps and you’ll be on your way to forging deeper, more profitable relationships with your customers.

Step 1: Tap into what gets people excited.

Great brands are ones that people not only buy, they buy into. As society has evolved, people are seeking out brands that share their same beliefs. Your product may have the most beautiful design, superior technology, or a taste that’s to-die-for. Your service may be better than anyone in your industry. But that’s not enough. People need to understand how you will fill a deeper, psychological need in their lives.  In fact, 100  million Americans are “Corpsumers”, or people who invest their money and loyalty in bands with values similar to their own, according to research conducted by PR firm MWW. Depending on their values, that may mean making them feel safe, getting them excited, or giving them status. So how can you go beyond features and benefits and connect on this deeper, more meaningful level?

Step 2: Give them value.

It’s not about pushing out messages. Nurturing conversations and personal relationships is the key to values marketing. As with any good conversation, it hinges on asking the right questions. You’ve got to dig deep (and be a good listener!) to uncover who people trust, what they’re striving for in life, what keeps them up at night. Their answers will clue you into the type of content they find most relevant and valuable. Then, your job is to empower your best customers, employees, experts to act as your storytellers and ambassadors. Their personal experiences will add rich human interest content that can be repurposed and shared across the entire company. Don’t forget to weave in your own core values. The result will be an authentic dialogue that is shaped and nurtured by the brand, but ultimately inspired by an army of believers.

Step 3: Bring them together.

Now that you’ve got the lines of communication flowing, it’s time to give your customers a reason to engage more deeply, become committed and spread the word to their circle of influence. The most successful movements offer people a way to join and a way to take action. They speak to inner needs and desires and grow brand affinity. Give your customers a way to get involved.  Ask their opinions, give them a voice and give them a platform to share their ideas and opinions. The result?  You’ll have a thriving community of fans and advocates who will go out of their way to share the love.

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