Deep Dive: Security Seekers

It’s fitting that this post is being published a few days shy of Halloween, because we’re talking about some real creatures here … creatures of comfort, that is. Welcome to the Security-Seeking section of the Zenzi Values wheel. And what a welcome it is! These homebodies are notorious for their hospitality, so reading all about them and their inner workings is sure to put you in a calm and collected mental space you won’t want to leave. 

Solid and staying in one place, yet simultaneously growing up, down, and out, Security-seekers bear the best kind of resemblance to trees. They have everything they need without going anywhere, and when in the proper conditions can flourish into something that provides shelter (or shall we say security) to other beings. Security-Seekers don’t need much, just a place to call home. Give them that sense of protection and potential, and you will be amazed with what they can create from it. 

While other Values Types may wish to travel the world or succeed in their field, these individuals find that their highest pursuit is one of taking care. The similarity of that phrase to “self care” was no coincidence — Security-Seekers have no problem spending on themselves, even indulging a little, if it makes them feel pampered and improved. That sense of continual revision and renovation is a lifelong calling for them. They are willing to take time to make their lives exactly how they want them to be, but once they reach that peak place, try not to be intimidated by the ambience of perfection they give off. It’s no surprise that they are known to love brands such as HGTV, since they’re no strangers to hard work and nothing gives them satisfaction more than a good makeover. 

Like trees with their leaves, these types of people fill their lives, spaces, relationships with layers of personalization and careful thought, creating environments in which they can always feel safe. Whereas Freedom- and Pleasure-Seekers live in the present, and Tradition-Seekers thrive by paying homage to the past, Security-Seekers join the ranks of Achievement- and Purpose-Seekers by always having an eye affixed to the future. Unlike the respective ambition and optimism of the others, their forward gaze has a tendency to focus on fear. The unknown is their greatest adversary, and their battle tactic is to hunker down and be prepared for anything. Safety first, remember? 

Certainly, if you’re reading this in 2020, you can probably identify at least a little with that attitude. This year has thrown a lot of uncertainty (which is our polite way of saying chaos) into the mix, and many have adopted more Security-Seeking tendencies to cope and feel some sense of control. It shouldn’t surprise you then that some of the brands experienced new levels of notoriety this year like Purell and Lysol. Which (you can guess) are both geared towards Security-Seekers. As shoppers, these people have a high protective instinct, and whether that is manifested with hand sanitizer or home decor, it’s all going to the same place: their shell against the whims of the world. 

Speaking of modern afflictions, it’s worth taking a moment to dive into some Security-Seeking social media habits. These aren’t the people to put too much priority on their digital profiles, but they are known to love a good scroll through Instagram and Pinterest to collect recipes, DIY ideas, interior design inspiration, or just some inspiring quotes. Their feed probably looks a bit like this … 

When it comes to relationships with brands, just like people, Security-Seekers prefer depth over differentiation. They stick with the same things for a long time, and find comfort in always seeing the same things or faces around them. This leads to unparalleled levels of customer loyalty, but also means that they can be difficult to sway if they already have a product of preference. The best way to get into their home is to put forth a wholesome and family-friendly image, and to have an even safer/ softer/ sturdier product than the one they are currently buying. Superlatives work wonders with Security-Seekers, since they are looking to lay a strong foundation around them, and that can’t be done without quality. 

So we’ve reached the end of the digital dinner party, it’s time to collect our goodie bags and make a graceful exit. If you’re hesitant to leave (and we can’t blame you, that Security-Seeking ambience is something irresistible), stop by our survey to find out if this Values Type describes you, your company, or your customers, or even drop a line on our contact page to learn more. See you soon as we blast off into the stars with some Achievement-Seeking.