Beyond the little black box: How brands are using their values to respond to racial injustice


Traditionally speaking, the businesses that cater towards this value aren’t the most outspoken. They are the old guard, the mainstays, the ones that outlast the generational waves rolling in with their social changes and new trends. However, out of all of the businesses assessed by value type, Tradition had the highest percentage of involvement with Black Lives Matter. This represents a shift in these companies — an understanding that the new normal, the the traditional way of being, is a more inclusive and altruistic attitude. Some brands took a step further and answered the call to action by modernizing. Nascar announced that they are effectively banning the Confederate flag from all future events. Far from the racetracks, in the grocery store aisles, brands like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s stated that they’d be rebranding to remove any racially insensitive associations with their names and logos.