Deep Dive: achievement seekers

It’s time to level up. We’ve reached the final deep dive of our Values Wheel types, and like the last runner in a relay, our Achievement-Seekers will bring it home with an intensity, drive and stamina unmatched by any other Values type. Forget “last but not least.” Forget last place completely! Even the words “second place” are not in the vocabulary of these ambitious people. They came to win — at work, in a game, any and all arguments … but mostly, at life. Because life is something to win, didn’t you know? The tiers put in place by society that indicate success as having financial and social independence are the steps in the stairway that Achievement-Seekers are always climbing. So let’s enjoy the vicarious view from the top, shall we? 

Achievement-Seekers are actually one of the most straightforward Values Types on surface level. They work hard, they want to win, they are alternatively intense and indulgent. (And at times, we suppose, intensely indulgent — though that’s between them and their credit statement.) Whether their spoils are big or small, they are all significant in what they represent. An Achievement-Seeker swathes themselves in their successes, each piece of clothing a prize, each treat a trophy. They are proud of what they’ve earned, and feel no shame in showing that off. But please don’t interpret this behavior as flashy. For these types of people, success is something that is visible, and they want to enjoy what they have worked hard to own … so why hide it? 

Stepping away from the material world, let’s dig a little deeper into the psychology behind these behaviors. Achievement-Seekers are notoriously ambitious. They loathe complacency, and they rarely settle. They put high pressure on themselves to fulfill certain feats in life that signify that they’re on the right track. It’s not a surprise that Achievement-Seekers are situated next to Security-Seekers on the Values Wheel, because a goal reached is what security looks like to them. They can rest easier knowing that they’ve provided for themselves and won’t be left to the whims of the world. However, unlike true Security-Seekers who will put down roots and grow in place, restlessly future-oriented Achievement-Seekers won’t be satisfied with one status for long before they take off in pursuit of another. 

If you aren’t sure if this describes you or anyone you know, think about the last time you played a game (of any variety) with friends or family. Was there one person who was significantly more competitive than the rest, as if that game of scrabble or pickup basketball was truly an Olympic event? You may have just found your local Achievement-Seeker. These go-getters go hard in everything they do, and they need high octane hobbies like sports or exotic vacations to let off the steam from their work life. Another outlet for their off-duty distraction? Social media, of course. Achievement-Seekers are image conscious, and will treat their profile with as much dedicated attention as they would a report at work. If it’s mediocre in any way, it’s never seeing the light of day. They are apt to fill their feed with accounts and brands that promote a similarly lavish and accomplished lifestyle, almost like a digital vision board for their next steps. 

Brands that sing the siren call to Achievement-Seekers are inevitably the ones with a few extra 0’s on their price tags. They like nice things, and can we blame them? In order to win over an Achievement-Seeker’s customer loyalty, a company must position themselves as not just providing a product, but a status symbol. These people are picky and like high quality items, so they will wait it out and be deliberate before making purchases. This philosophy goes all the way down the chain from clothing to curtains to canned soup. Having a good reputation as a company is absolutely key to catching an Achievement-Seeker’s eye. The brilliant thing about securing them as a customer, however, is that they are a built-in influencer, since those around them will trust their own reputation for buying only the best. A star of approval from an Achievement-Seeker carries a lot of clout with their social circle. 

And now, we’ve reached the end of our voyage through the Values Types. If you missed or want to revisit any of the past deep-dives, check out Pleasure, Freedom, Purpose, Tradition, and Security. And if you’re still not sure which value you or your customers align most with, take our survey to get some clarification.