DEEP DIVE: Freedom Seekers

Nomadic, sporadic, and at times, enigmatic … ah yes, we’ve arrived into the Freedom-seeking territory of Zenzi’s Values Wheel. So who are these people? They are the free spirits who set up their creative caravans past the limits of where others have treaded and retreated. Their minds are constantly inquisitive, and their attitudes imbued with the sort of fearlessness that could be perceived as reckless. If you are the person who is always fielding questions like “you’re doing what?!” then congratulations, you may just be a Freedom Seeker. 

Other ways you could think of Freedom Seekers is as adventurers, innovators, trailblazers, but don’t call them that to their faces. They might not even like being called a Freedom seeker … they’re not really into labels like that. Above all, however, Freedom Seekers pride themselves on their individuality of thought and defiance of spirit, so it’s probably best to just let them do their own thing and enjoy the breeze that comes from being in close proximity to their whirlwind. 

If you’re seeking a Freedom-seeker, don’t bother checking their home, they’re probably not there.  You can try sending a text or calling, but there’s a good chance their cellphone isn’t in range anyways. Just leave a message and let them come back to you with some story or idea spawned from their latest escapade. If one thing is for sure, it’s that Freedom-seekers can derive a moral, a spark of inspiration, a lesson, or a great anecdote from anything. They’re always looking for the “reason” or the greater “so what” behind every experience … and if there’s a specific answer they’re looking for, they will try just about anything to get it. 

Whether you recognize a piece of your renegade soul in this description or are just curious to know more (how very Freedom-seeking of you), it may help to hear what other famous faces share this approach towards life. Think Rihanna, with her refusal to adhere to standards of the music industry or expectations of what a pop star should be. Think Elon Musk, who may be divisive, but has also pioneered some of the most forward-thinking initiatives in the past 10 years. Think Anthony Bourdain, who traveled more of the world than most and relished in all the knowledge that these new places and their cultures had to offer. 

Let’s just say at this point that you’re a Freedom-seeker. (We know that it’s the Rihanna comparison that got you, and that’s totally understandable!) What does that mean in terms of marketing? Well, not every company will be able to keep up with your high standards for consumer loyalty, and the ones that do will be those which constantly innovate, stay ahead of the curve, and provide solutions to the problems of society or their industry. You identify with brands that break out of the norm and offer either a unique cultural experience, tech that seems straight out of a sci-fi flick, or a dangerous, dirty, authentic adventure. Or … all three? 

Speaking of such an amalgam, a Freedom-seeking social media feed is apt to look a little something like this: 

Freedom-seekers are not ones to think social media is the end-all, be-all of a brand, preferring a grassroots campaign or well-executed publicity act to routine Facebook updates. However, the key to their heart really lies in the act of inspiration, so if an account can make them feel wanderlust, wonder, or even just pique their “who, what, where, when why?” curiosity, it’ll get that coveted like & follow. Ultimately, Freedom-seekers are going to follow their own instincts and individuality above all else, so they can be more elusive as a category than some of the other value types. However, their loyalty, once earned, is exponentially rewarding, since these trendsetting types are likely to promote and share what they’re all about these days. 

So now we’ve covered Pleasure-seekers (read all about it, if you missed it!) and their adjacent allies in individualism, Freedom-seekers. If you or your audience belongs to either one of these value types, then you are in good company with some key members of the Zenzi team and some of our successful clients. Purpose-seekers are up next, so bide your time in the most Freedom-seeking of senses, and get off the grid for a little while. More Value deep dives will be here when you get back.