Here at Zenzi, we adhere to a system of Values Types that organizes the emotional and psychological motivations behind behavior and consumer habits into six main categories — Pleasure, Freedom, Purpose, Tradition, Security, and Achievement. We’re going to be diving into the waters of each Value Type this summer, so let’s take it from the top with Pleasure —

Pleasure-seekers are the silver linings, the “for a good time, call’s,” the people who are living in a perpetual summer afternoon. They move through the world looking for enjoyment and excitement from sources as small as a morning coffee, or gestures as grand as a Caribbean getaway. And when such felicities aren’t available, the pleasure-seekers will be the ones to go out and make it happen … for the benefit of themselves and everyone else (they’re altruistic that way.) 

If this feels too one-size-fits-all of a description, let’s go deeper. A person who values pleasure is someone who views life as something to be savored. Each day could just be a vehicle towards making rent, having a home, fulfilling personal obligations, working on a project, or each day could be an omakase selection of beautiful things, moments of bliss, and some memories in the making. These people aren’t looking to win the race of life, they’re just looking for a good time. 

“Still,” you might think … “How is this different than the other value types? Doesn’t everyone like to have fun?” Well, first of all — no. Second of all, there is a difference between liking to have fun and prioritizing it. The value types of Pleasure, Freedom and Achievement are more individualistic as compared to the more collectivist mindsets of Purpose, Security, and Tradition, so they’ve already broken out from half of the crowd (and they’re fine with that, since they are not about that group mentality anyways.) The distinctions between Pleasure, Freedom and Achievement are more nuanced, but are still marked. Achievement-seekers view life as a competition, against themselves and others. All their spoils are gains, all their feats are wins. Freedom-seekers view life as a series of opportunities, with new experiences being the ideal outcome, but the small thrill of shirking the rules as an always-welcome consolation. The pursuit of happiness is certainly a step on the path for both of these value types, but it is not the path itself.

But this is 2020, and binaries are no longer an acceptable form of identification, so let’s make one thing clear — it is possible to adhere to multiple values systems. It is likely. A pleasure-seeker can also have touches of security-seeking, and undertones of achievement. If you want to know your exact values type makeup, take our survey for in-depth analysis!

So, maybe you’re a pleasure-seeker. Congratulations. Welcome to a very inclusive crew of fellow “fun ones.” You’re in good company with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Ryan Reynolds, Sophie Turner, and Zac Efron and brands like Pepsi, Netflix, and Sephora. You should know that  posting pictures of your food or beverage is not just accepted here, but encouraged. Vacation time is as often as possible, and the team mascot is the heart that everyone presses to like your posts on Instagram. You’re never afraid of new trends (who do you think disseminates them to the mainstream anyways?) and your place to call home is more like a house party, but that’s just how you like it. Contrary to what people might think, the motto is not “YOLO,” but you won’t get kicked out of the club for saying it. 

As a pleasure-seeker, you probably follow accounts like @gopro, @pantone, @abeautifulmess, and @hightitude_photography, and your social feed probably looks a bit like this: 

On social media and as a consumer, you are drawn to things that echo your life philosophy. Bright colors, bold typography, and beautiful locales are never turned down. Each vacation spot, sporting activity, or sartorial suggestion has to make you think “I need that,” or else you’re apt to move on. A new drink on your local bar’s menu, or the latest whimsical food trending on Twitter however, will catch your eye and call out to your heart. A brand can’t just offer a product to you, but an opportunity. A purchase is not just a financial transaction, but a gateway to a lifestyle of excitement and appropriate indulgence. The best way for a brand to secure you as a customer is to keep the content and the merchandise fresh, on trend, and to position themselves as a dopamine rush, a sugar high, an adrenaline buzz to make you more enthusiastic about the everyday. 

For pleasure-seekers, their main value is one that uses a constant stream of short-term thrills to sustain a longer term state of wellbeing and satisfaction. Understanding their feel-good motivations is key to addressing them in the right way to secure their lasting loyalty (hint — it should seem like a party invite.) If you’re not a pleasure-seeker or trying to cater to one, don’t worry, there will be deep dives into each value type coming soon. For now, kick back, take a sip of a photogenic drink, and slip into their fuzzy slippers for a while.