what’s your brand’s HIGHER purpose?

Do You Have a Brand Purpose?

“We believe the evidence is clear and compelling that brands with purpose grow… In fact, we believe this so strongly that we are prepared to commit that in the future, every Unilever brand will be a brand with purpose.” – Unilever

What is Purpose and why should I care?

Good question! A company’s purpose is the soul of the organization. Beyond a simple mission statement or list of general company values, a clear, well-defined purpose serves as a guiding principle for all facets of the brand. It is an emotionally driven road map for all strategic decisions, communications, hiring decisions, and more. From HR to marketing to sales and beyond, identifying a clear purpose will help your brand build a unified team that is motivated, loyal, and excited about working towards a common goal. Employees will be happy, goals will be easier to set and attain, and profits will increase!

What is my brand’s Purpose?

OK, so purpose is important. How, you may ask, do I figure out what my brand’s purpose is? In order to be effective, a company’s purpose needs to be woven through the organization from the top down. That means starting at the top. Management need to figure out what is important to them, so they can build a team that is aligned with their purpose. Of course all companies are driven by profit, but to truly engage and retain quality employees, your brand’s purpose needs to go deeper. It should be based on emotion and core values, not overused generalities like “excellence” and “customer-focused”. Really, what brand doesn’t want to be excellent and have good customer service??

What core values are unique to you? To get started, take a few minutes to write out answers to these questions:

What is the most important thing in the world to you?

What excites you more than anything else in the world?

What social or charitable causes are important to you, and why?

What is one core value that you will not compromise on, even if it costs you money?

How would you describe the “soul” of your company?

Now think about your answers and how they may be different from other brands in your industry. What separates you and makes you unique? This is the start of determining your brand’s purpose. From there, you can develop specific strategies that will guide you and your team towards that purpose and create a healthier, happier, and more profitable enterprise. Cool, huh?

Wanna learn more?

We are a full service purpose-based company dedicated to helping your brand define and strategize around your purpose. Our insights are based on proven, scientific research in the field of Positive Psychology. We can help identify your purpose, attract like-minded employees and customers, and create specific strategies to weave your purpose throughout the entire organization. Contact us for more information!