How a Pleasure-Seeker Makes A Purchase

As a marketing agency, we exist to help make connections across the consumer experience — to make sense and strategy between the “who” and “what,” to blend creativity and logic between the “when” and “where.” But while those variables are determined on a client-by-client basis, the “why” is a point of eternal interest and much research and discourse for Zenzi. After breaking down each of the 6 Values Types in our previous posts, we are now taking a deeper look behind the persona into why the values people prioritize shape the way they purchase, and how that manifests. 

Our first subject is a fun one. Pleasure-Seekers, those “endless summer days” of people. Their raison d’être is a good time, and that echoes through their every behavior, even the way they buy cold medicine (as we’ll get to in about a paragraph.) Like any other person in society, they shop out of necessity, but the second nature pursuit of frivolity is always tugging at the reins. In some ways, their inclination to be delighted can shape what they perceive as “needs.” Along with toothpaste and spackle, they may also need new batteries for their speaker system, because they absolutely need to workout to their Beyonce playlist. “Need” can be relative, a good time is not. 

Once at the store, facing down their options, Pleasure-Seekers will make purchasing decisions based on dopamine levels. They’re looking for that positive reaction, that something to light up their energy levels and spark some inspiration. This may sound more in line with the whimsical types of purchases than it would be for, say, cough syrup, but these shoppers will still try to make even the most mundane choice a little cheerier. In their eyes, yes, there are some things that just can’t be fun, but practicality doesn’t always need to be presented in such drab lighting. Going back to the aforementioned example — cough medicine isn’t the most pleasant purchase, but it goes down easier with a teaspoon of say … color-blocked packaging. Even if a product itself is borne of bad news, some brands will cleverly use bright colors and bold type to spin it into somewhat of an enjoyable experience. Having a cold isn’t glamorous … until a brand tells you that with their medicine, a fluffy robe, some dim lights, and a Netflix marathon it is

Such is the way to a Pleasure-Seeker’s heart and income, but we may be making it sound a little more like a RomCom in the cold medicine aisle than it is. It’s not fate, it’s effective marketing. And Pleasure-Seekers aren’t frivolous and impulsive, they’re actually guided by a set of internal regulations that reject and redirect a lot of potential purchases. They are pickier than a lot of people because they are looking for such a specific outcome. When it comes to spending their money, they won’t throw it away on something that doesn’t thrill or delight. Though they have a more singular goal than many shoppers, they also have deceptively high standards. 

By following the flow chart above, and by keeping up to date with Zenzi’s content and values profiles, securing a Pleasure-Seeking customer is made much simpler. Let us do the work, just reap the profits! Read more on Pleasure Seekers here