Beyond Demographics: How Values Impact Customer Decisions

Are you worried that your digital marketing efforts aren’t delivering results? Because most marketers haven’t embraced the widespread changes in consumer behavior, marketing inefficiency has become a $958,000,000 problem. The statistics are staggering:

  • 77% of online ads are never even seen. (Sticky)
  • 50% of clicks on mobile ads are accidental. (Goldspot media).
  • You’re more likely to survive a plane crash, birth twins, summit Mt. Everest, or get into MIT than click on a banner ad. (Marketing Insider Group)
  • Marketers that focus solely on demographics risk missing more than 70% of potential shoppers. (Google)

As an alternative to mass marketing, values marketing targets and connects with customers based on their values and inner psychological needs. Through psychographic targeting, marketers can more effectively determine the trigger points that inspire customer behavior. The resulting messaging speaks right to the heart of the customer’s identity, increasing engagement, conversion and loyalty.

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